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Organisational workplace culture is a collective mindset that’s shaped by an organisation’s values, traditions, beliefs, behaviours and priorities. We have an exciting outline programme. Come and book your Discovery Call
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Organisational culture is a collective mindset that’s shaped by an organisation’s values, traditions, beliefs, behaviours and priorities. By positively influencing their organisational culture, leaders develop a legacy of high staff engagement in the workplace.

Why culture?

“Company culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything for better or for worse. “

Simon Sinek

Organisational benefits of a well-defined workplace culture

  • High levels of employee engagement and motivation
  • An enriched customer experience
  • Ability to attract and retain top talent
  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Productive management and team relationships
  • A strong and consistent identity
  • Strategic alignment and focus

Employee benefits of a well-defined organisational culture

  • Increased focus, engagement and motivation
  • Maximising individual’s strengths, passion and purpose
  • Clarity of role and purpose
  • A clear understanding of what the organisation stands for
  • Improved performance and productivity

Culture Accelerator

Strategy and Culture are among the primary levers a leader has at their disposal to drive organisational viability and growth.  Strategy goes hand in hand with leadership as you seek to provide clarity and focus for collective action and organisational development.


The Culture Accelerator delivers:

  • A clearly defined and differentiated strategy
  • Tools & habits to work together as an effective leadership team
  • An action plan on how to shift the culture forward

Outline Programme

Session 1 – Leadership team – Individual 30 mins Intro calls

Session 2 – Strategy I – 90 mins & Leadership I – 90 mins

Session 3 – Strategy II – 90 mins & Culture session I  – 90 mins

Session 4 – Leadership II -90 mins and Culture II – 90 mins

Session 5 – Lock In & Make Habit  – 90min

Culture Catalyst Round Table


Twice monthly we bring together like minded leaders to share, learn, inspire & action – with the aim of cumulative acceleration of their leadership, their organisation & their organisational Culture. Each session is 90 min long with a professional coach in a round table format. 


  • Leadership and the role of the leadership group
  • Post virus environment and ‘Build Back Better’
  • Strategy
  • People and Culture

Next steps


“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.”


William Faulkner


Managing Director, Food Company South West


Agenda: Improve employee engagement & reduce Staff turnover


The Hellō Staff Churn assessment identified a yearly cost (Direct & Indirect) to the company of £400,000. Areas of focus were identified through the Employee Engagement survey (baseline result 45% engaged) and a culture plan was developed. Regular leadership accountability and team coaching sessions ensured that actions were progressing & the pulse checks confirmed the positive impact. Twice Monthly management workshops were held to upskill all managers in the key skills using a buddying system for accountability. Within 1 year , the employee engagement had increased by 20% and staff turnover reduced by 40%, with savings of ~ £180,000.


“Hello Performance’s ability to ask the right questions, process and analyse information and help us turn that into clear goals and action plans, then hold us accountable, made our demanding goals possible. There just seems this positive vibe about the place and that is contagious”


“Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.”


Robin Sharma