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We’re an organisational workplace culture and leadership consultancy that specialises in the food & beverage and manufacturing sectors
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We are Hello Performance

We’re an organisational culture and leadership consultancy that specialises in the food & beverage and manufacturing sectors. We facilitate internal cultural shifts and create positive working environments where opportunity and performance go hand in hand.


Organisational culture is a collective mindset that’s shaped by an organisation’s values, traditions, beliefs, behaviours and priorities. By positively influencing their organisational culture, leaders leave a legacy of high staff engagement in the workplace.

 “There’s always a culture. You end up with one whatever you do, so you can either choose to shape and influence it or take your chances

Culture Catalyst

Positive behaviour breeds positive behaviour and in the right environment this quickly multiplies. Using our five-step process, we partner closely with leaders to develop and evolve their company’s wider culture. Once they communicate and share these behaviours effectively with each other, the ripple effect takes over.


We use our culture survey and pulses to establish a cultural baseline and then monitor how the programme is benefitting and developing your organisational culture, adjusting our approach where necessary to maximise impact.


We follow a five step model – Engage, Energise, Enable, Embed, Excel

“Unfortunately, in our experience it is far more common for leaders seeking to build high-performing organizations to be confounded by culture. Indeed, many either let it go unmanaged or relegate it to the HR function, where it becomes a secondary concern for the business. They may lay out detailed, thoughtful plans for strategy and execution, but because they don’t understand culture’s power and dynamics, their plans go off the rails. As someone once said, culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

(Harvard Business Review, 2018)


“Companies with engaged employees outperform those with disengaged employees by 202%.”


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“There are only three measurements that tell you nearly everything you need to know about your organization’s overall performance: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and cash flow.”

Jack Welch