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We believe that Leadership, Strategy & Organisational Culture are intrinsically linked. We will facilitate the process and support you in identifying a clear strategy. Book in on a free Discovery call
Leadership Consultancy and Strategy
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Our Approach to Leadership

We believe that Leadership, Strategy & Organisational Culture are intrinsically linked. Clear leadership from the top is essential to driving organisational alignment, performance & high staff engagement. All Leadership development and strategy work must start with – where are we today and where do we want to be. An assessment will be done to set a baseline and identify areas of focus & together we make a clear, concrete, specific 1-pager plan. We then work with the individuals or teams, using our proven methods, with equal measures of stretch & support, to achieve the results our clients are aiming for. We want to be your cheerleaders, willing you to get to where you want to be.

Individual Leadership Coaching

Monthly 90 min individual session with a professional leadership coach creating the environment and conditions for growth through


  • Psychometric tools to further understand yourself
  • 360’ feedback to understand your strengths and opportunities
  • Develop your skills to bring the best out in people around you
  • Actionable development goals – you as an individual, you as a leader and you as a manager
  • Accountability to achieve the progression you want

“Marita has been a fantastic personal coach and mentor. Her passion and energy for getting the best out of me is infectious. I’ve loved working with her and I can not recommend her enough”

Mark Irving, EY

Leadership Team Coaching

Monthly 90 min team sessions with a professional coach creating the environment and conditions for a high performing team through


  • Psychometric tools to further understand each other
  • Develop your skills to bring the best out in each other
  • Team Charter – your rules of engagement
  • Actionable Development goals  
  • Accountability to achieve the progression you want

“Its like Hello holds ups a mirror to your Leadership team to show you what is really going on, & then expertly coaches the team to shift the behaviours to ways that allow us to make decisions that we buy into. Powerful interventions that speed up the progress to get to where we want to be. We were nervous in the beginning but Hello got to know each of us individually and balanced the team development with each of our needs”  

Leadership Team, Food Ingredients company. 

Brilliant Managers/Brilliant Culture

Managers are the key to unlocking company culture and results. With the right leadership, empowerment & skills, it will unleash hidden power within your organisation. Whether it’s in-house or virtual workshops, we can support you to work out what is needed and how best to deliver. Our approach, using shorter sessions with regular follow up and coaching, ensures that learnings are embedded. 
  • Understanding different behaviours and motivators of people
  • How to adapt and nail your communication
  • Learn key professional coaching skills that will help people thrive
  • How to effectively manage when working remotely 
  • Empower people without losing control
  • How to build and motivate teams
  • How to give feedback that makes a difference
  • How to do brilliant performance reviews
  • How to embed key attributes of the company culture and create a great place to work


Strategy and Culture are among the primary leavers a leader has at their disposal as they seek to drive organisational viability and growth.  Strategy goes hand in hand with leadership as you seek to provide clarity and focus for collective action and organisational development

Our Approach to Strategy

We keep our approach to strategy simple.  We will facilitate the process and support you in identifying a clear strategy for your business that can be articulated, understood and actioned by everyone within the organisation.


  • Clarify your Vision and Mission
  • Know your customers and competitors
  • Identification of what is standard and what is exceptional
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Measuring Success
  • Alignment and Strategy Implementation


Family Owned Construction Company

Agenda: Complete a full diagnostic of company Strategy and Board. Support the new Board to clarify mission, vision and strategy. (£350million turnover, 4200 staff)


Completed a full diagnostic through survey and interviews across the organisation to identify key gaps and barriers. Facilitated and supported 5 x strategy sessions with Board and broader leadership team. Supported the organisational restructure, Board development strategy communication, KPIs development and organisational culture program to underpin the Strategy. Outcome: Increased engagement (15% and climbing), margin and productivity goals also on track.


Hello Performance’s ability to ask the right questions, process and analyse information and turn that into clear goals and action plans make it an excellent partner consultancy company. We feel like they are a valued part of our Board now.


DAC Beachcroft 

Agenda: Equip candidates with tools for giving constructive & positive feedback and increasing the amount of feedback requested and given. Provide tools and techniques for tackling difficult conversations. Identified from an employee engagement survey. 


Delivered over 3 x 2hr Lunch & Learns Sessions: 
Overall value of the Lunch and Learn Session was rated at 76% positive.  60% more confident when giving feedback & more likely to give feedback more often whilst 60% were more confident when approaching difficult conversations with different personalities.


“The Sessions were well structured and interactive, Learnt a great deal”

Engaged the audience well using tools and examples to inject energy and humour into the session. Learnt a great deal”


Medical Devices Company – Senior Manager

Agenda: Provide individual coaching to support leadership development


A 360 was completed to identify the areas of focus. Delegation, worklife balance, communication and stagey were identified as the key areas of focus. Through one to one monthly coaching sessions, the Hello team supported the development of the identified areas, with an increase in >40% in each area.


“The transformation in Donna has been considerable. Her team are such a pleasure to work with now as they are positive and motivated. She has a “can do” attitude but most of all the change can be seen in the business KPIs figures.”  

Stakeholder feedback


“Culture serves to either constrain or enhance the performance of leaders. A lack of cultural fit is responsible for up to 68% of new-hire failures at the senior leadership level”

Harvard Business Review